Huffy Jewels

HUFFY jewelsBorn in Athens in 1973, Dimitris “Huffy” Stavropoulos grew up a holy terror, plowing through his teens on bikes, skateboards, surfboards, snowboards and pretty much anything that would help him break new boundaries. What set him apart from other boys his age was his love for craftsmanship, directly inherited from his jeweler father, who taught him everything he needed to know about goldsmithing. Combining his attention to detail with his sporting spirit, Huffy emerged a pioneer, fusing jewelry design with micro sculpture and mechanical engineering. After working for years at the family business and a famed Greek jewelry house, his profoundly personal approach led to his very own venture, “Huffy Jewels” (est. 2007). When it comes to Huffy Jewels, elegance is a basic need.

Huffy Jewels

Sardelomana Pendant by Huffy Jewels

Price € 65.00

  • Fish pendant in bronze.
  • This pendant comes with a 70cm black cord, ending in a lava stone.
Huffy Jewels

Arch earrings

Price € 325.00

  • Earrings in ebony wood with 9K rose gold and silver 925
  • ...
Huffy Jewels

Beatrice Ring

Price € 275.00

  • Ring in 925° black plated silver and 9K rose gold.
  • Celebrating contrast, Beatrice Ring combines blackened silver with mellow rose gold, for a chiaroscuro effect that's like nothing...
Huffy Jewels

Boomerang Bracelet

Price € 175.00

  • Bracelet in 925° bronze.
  • Inspired by the soft swells of the human flesh, Boomerang bracelet embraces movement to become a precious extension of the female body.
  • ...
Huffy Jewels

Cordelia ring

Price € 165.00

  • Ring in 925° black plated silver and 9K rose gold.
  • So effortless and organic, Cordelia ring combines blackened silver with mellow rose gold for a chiaroscuro effect that's like...
Huffy Jewels

Big blue eye Pendant

Price € 150.00

  • Pendant in 925° black plated silver and 9K rose gold
  • Big Blue Eye pendant refers to the "Evil Eye" talismans. In Greece it is know as "μάτι" ("eye"), and it is a symbol with a...
Huffy Jewels

Cyclamen earrings by Huffy Jewells

Price € 345.00

  • Earrings in 925° black plated silver and 9K rose gold.
  • Inspired by the soft swells of the human flesh, so effortless and organic, these earrings embrace movement to...
Huffy Jewels

Serpentine earrings by Huffy Jewels

Price € 910.00

Huffy Jewels

Ariadne cuff

Price € 500.00

  • Cuff in 925° black plated silver.
  • A sensuous cuff in black-plated silver delicately grips your wrist, following your every move.
  • Ariadne is reminiscent of...
Huffy Jewels

Semele Bracelet

Price € 465.00

  • Bracelet in 9K yellow gold.
  • Minimally adorned, Klio bracelet has a delicate bee-pollen quality that naturally enhances hand movement.
Huffy Jewels

Leda earrings

Price € 313.00

  • Earrings in 9K yellow gold.
  • Perfectly imperfect, Leda earrings softly highlight your smile, as if lit from within.
Huffy Jewels

Flora necklace

Price € 250.00

  • Necklace in 9K yellow gold and 9K yellow gold chain.
  • Featuring a discreet shower of golden dots, Flora necklace captures the essence of the cosmos without weighing you down.
  • ...