King set of scrunchies by Zografos

Price € 14.00

  • A set of one velvet and one satin scrunchie
  • All-season motif from the "Mycenae", as Homer called them.
  • In this design dominates the diadem made of gold sheets in a leaf...

Suntan oil 40ml by Nardon

Price € 17.00

  • Suntan oil with natural ingredients and scent with exotic notes
  • Ingredients: Coconut oil, Almond oil, Carrot oil, Vitamin E, Achiote seeds
  • Gives the body deep hydration,...
Laura Ramazzotti

Fresh fabric perfume by Laura Ramazzotti

Price € 45.00

Fresh is an intense aroma of a sun-kissed flower garden early in the morning.

Fabric Refresher eliminates bacterial odors at the source and leaves a light, fresh...


Martis pearl bracelet

Price € 20.00

  • The traditional Martis bracelet with a pearl detail.
  • Handmade in Greece